Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homemade Workplace "Jeopardy" Game

I finally got the chance to blog about the workplace Jeopardy*-inspired game board I created. I did this a few weeks ago for a staff meeting. 

I work for SL Start, in the 24hr Supported Living side. This means that I manage a home (a regular home in a regular neighborhood), where 8 people with developmental disabilities reside. I have a team of approximately 8 direct care staff that provide coverage in the home between the hours of 6am and 10pm, 365 days a year.

SL Start Jeopardy* game board
Where's what I used:

a large thick poster board (free from the trainers at the office)
90-100 3"x5" index cards
9-10 4"x6" index cards
3 sheets of 8.5x11 colored paper (per color... so 15 sheets all together)
Black colored paper (approx 5-4 sheets)
Ticky-Tack (sticky putty stuff)
glue (i used glue stick)
Laminator (optional, but recommended)
Buzzer (1 per team)... I just used a touch light (2 for $5 at Big Lots!)
Whiteboard/Paper 1per team (for written answers, wagers, scorekeeping) (got mine at the Dollar Store)
Prize for winner


Once you've determined your 9-10 topics (I used Meds as a topic on boths rounds), write out all of your questions and answers on 3x5 index cards. You'll need a minimum of 5 questions per topic (25 questions per round, 50 questions total). You'll also need the numbers (5 of each number): 100-500, as well as 600, 800 and 1000 (you've already got 200 and 400 from Round 1!)

Write out your Topic Titles on 4x6 index cards

Cut your colored paper in half (hamburger-wise), creating 2 8.5"x5.5" strips. You'll end up with 1 extra strip per color (this will be good for mess-ups). Fold each of these strips in half (hamburger-wise again).

Cut your black paper into approx 6.5x4.5 rectangles. Glue topic titles to black rectangles.

Layout the columns and rows of colored paper, evenly spaced, leaving some room for titles. Begin to glue them on. I started with the outsides, using the edges of the board to keep them straight (I eye-balled it). If you mess up, you've got an extra, remember??   Do Not Glue the numbers, questions, or finished titles to anything

Laminate all of the numbers, questions and titles. This is optional, but it makes them sturdier, more durable and easier to adhere to ticky-tak.

Place a small piece of ticky-tak on the back of the first 5 topic titles, the first round of numbers, and the first set of questions.

Pass out the "buzzers" and boards to all teams (or players if solo), explain the rules, and have fun!!

SL Start Jeopardy* game board

SL Start Edition:

Round 1- Meds, Say What?! (acronyms), Nurse Delegation, Who You Gonna Call First? (scenarios), and Going for the Gold (non-work-related Olympics trivia)
Round 2 (Double Points)- Meds (harder), Financial, HIPAA, Employee Handbook, SL Start Random (hodgepodge of random, home specific questions)

Teams: 6 staff divided into 3 two-person teams

Judges: 4 personel from different levels in the company (HRA, Brand Manager, Nurse, and a brand-new direct care staff)- they determined the outcomes of buzz-in ties, the acceptance of team answers compared to the written answer, and came up with the "Final Jeopardy*" question.

* I intend no copyright or license infringement.

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